GD Engineering Solutions Ltd offer a wide range of electrical services

From small projects lasting only a few hours, to larger electrical projects spanning days or even weeks, GD Engineering Solutions Ltd have you covered. Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer, and if you have a question, or would like to discuss your own project, please get in touch on 07475574349.

Project Management in Kent

We provide all aspects of Project Management in Kent by DG Engineering Solutions Ltd

At GD Engineering Solutions Ltd, we offer our project management services to all commercial and industrial businesses situated throughout Kent. We are a team of NAPIT approved electrical contractors and industrial qualified electrical engineers, making us not only highly skilled in all areas of the electrical trade but also broadly experienced in all aspects of electric project management. Therefore, all project management services carried out by our engineers are complete to the highest possible standard, and with nothing less than optimum safety. 

With commercial and industrial businesses relying on a number of electrical appliances, devices, machinery/equipment and other features, it is imperative they are all installed correctly and safely. With this, we strongly emphasise the importance of seeking assistance from a professional NAPIT approved electrician like ourselves at GD Engineering Solutions Ltd, to manage your project. 

Our project management services, approved with PRINCE2 Project Management Certification and Lean Six Sigma oriented, are in place to ensure all installations are complete correctly, as well as ensuring they are all working to their fullest potential and are left in a condition that fully adheres to the health and safety guidelines and regulations. This is crucial as it prevents unexpected faults and breakdowns from occurring, as well as ensuring the work environment is in a hazard-free safe condition at all times. 

We cover all bases with our project management services, assisting businesses with the designing, supplying and installation processes of various electrical aspects they require for their business to run. We understand all businesses are different, meaning installation requirements can vary significantly, and with this, we ensure all project management services are personal to the business itself. To ensure your needs are met, we will create a unique electrical installation plan, draw up schedules and prepare CAD visualisation in relation to the installation and supply of your electrical systems. This planning process will include all of the work we will carry out during the service and will allow us to conjure what products and equipment are required, for the entire project to run smoothly.

Safety is always a priority of ours at GD Engineering Solutions Ltd, along with ensuring our customer service is always faultless. It is our job to ensure all of our commercial and industrial customer budgets are followed, along with sticking to a specific time frame to ensure our customer expectations are always met. Along with this, we ensure all regulations will be complied with from start to finish, keeping your business environment in a secure position for the entire duration of the project. 

To discuss your electrical project management requirements with one of our electrical engineers at GD Engineering Solutions Ltd, give us a call today on 07475574349 where we will assist you further. 

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