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From small projects lasting only a few hours, to larger electrical projects spanning days or even weeks, GD Engineering Solutions Ltd have you covered. Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer, and if you have a question, or would like to discuss your own project, please get in touch on 07475574349.

EICR services in Kent

We provide all aspects of EICR services in Kent by GD Engineering Solutions Ltd

At GD Engineering Solutions Ltd, we offer our routine electric installation condition report services to all landlords and businesses situated throughout Kent. We are a team of NAPIT approved electrical contractors and qualified electrical engineers, making us not only highly skilled in all areas of the electrical trade but also broadly experienced in all aspects of electrical installation safety inspections. Therefore, all EICR services carried out by our team are complete to the highest possible standard, and with nothing less than optimum safety. 

Over time, the condition of electrical installations can deteriorate, putting the property in a potentially hazardous position. Unfortunately, electrical faults or general issues are not always easy to visibly detect until the problem has escalated beyond repair, which can be highly stressful and even dangerous. With this, our electrical installation condition reports are in place to ensure all electrical aspects throughout the property are working to their fullest potential. 

Our EICR services involve a number of intricate inspections on all electrical installations

As well as running a variety of checks and tests to assess their workings. These inspections and tests will allow us to detect and locate any signs of wear and tear, faults or damages, which will prevent the issue from escalating further. 

Routine EICR services are a mandatory requirement for all landlords, and these checks must be carried out every 5 years maximum, or change of tenancy. However, with businesses also being responsible for the safety of their employees, customers, visitors and more, we strongly suggest all businesses also follow the same time scale of every 5 years maximum. 

Safety is always a priority of ours at GD Engineering Solutions Ltd, along with ensuring our customer service is always faultless. It is our job to ensure all inspections carried out are complete with efficiency whilst never compromising on the quality of our work, keeping any disruption or inconvenience to a minimum. Along with this, we ensure all regulations will be complied with from start to finish, keeping your rented property or business environment in a secure position for the entire duration of the EICR service. 

At the end of every EICR service, we will provide a detailed report of our findings, along with producing a renewed certificate once we are happy everything is in a good, safe condition, which will be valid for the next 5 years. Therefore, once your certificate is presented, you can then rest assured that all electrical installations fully comply with the health and safety standards, keeping the chance of an unexpected electrical issue or hazard from occurring, to an absolute minimum. 

To discuss your EICR requirements with one of our electricians at GD Engineering Solutions Ltd, give us a call today on 07475574349 where we will assist you further.  

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